Welcome to the Web site for EM-Power Inc. EM-Power is a premier business consulting company providing one-stop business consulting and training services in the areas specified below. What We believe........We believe that a successful business consulting company must deliver services and programs that provide specific business results for their Customers. We help clients achieve these specific business results by working with them to understand their true business needs and delivering customized solutions and programs which are not just an event, but part of the continuous journey to achieve their business goals.

The Four Key Results Areas We Specialize In.

Personality Powering Performance

You and your colleagues may have taken the MBTI, yet you have been unable to apply it in everyday business situations. We can help you use this wonderful tool to improve interactions, communication and productivity.

Retail Success Through the Retail University

EM-Power Inc. specializes in driving retail results by creating a winning sales, service and leadership culture. This retail culture is created by combining observations, coaching, knowledge transfer and skills development in our unique series of Retail University programs.

TEACH To Learn Program

The TEACH framework introduces the Topic , Engages the group with an activity, presents the Abstract information, discusses Concrete application of the knowledge, and How this will be applicable in the work environment. Using cutting edge approaches to learning and teaching can be attractive for participants and offer advantages over established methods.

Skills Building Programs

The EM-POWER Skills Building Programs are designed to capitalize on an individual's innate strengths, overcome potential weaknesses to achieve specific business and career goals. We have developed many customised programs for companies such as Google, PUMA, Kipling, VF Corporation and North Sails.